About Us 

Her Walk is founded and created by Janeira Shaw, Sharon Foster, and Shari Hill. This mother-daughter team decided to embark on a journey of helping young women across the world. The purpose of Her Walk is to reach generations of young women and contribute to the betterment of their lives. 


Her Walk is a mentor program that will serve as a game-changer for young women today. With a focus on all aspects of life that contribute to young women's success, Janeira, Sharon and Shari plan to make Her Walk a go-to guide, system, and sisterhood. The focus is on young girls in their early teens to young women in their early adulthood. And the purpose is to be a center of hope, knowledge, faith, and entertainment. 


As women in today's society, this woman trio has had a chance to take a look at life today and what is being valued. They want to offer young women some of the knowledge we've acquired over the years and re-shift the focus. 

Our Team 

Janeira Shaw

I was born and raised in Chester, PA. As a teenage mother I was adamant to graduate high school and go off to college. At an early age I wanted to be an Ob/Gyn (which I think was fueled by the transformation of my body during pregnancy). That later changed when I got to college as I learned what I was good at...numbers. I later earned my BS and MBA in business management. I went on to build a long-standing career in the finance industry. It has been a challenging road but there have been rewards. I want to take the experiences that I have gained to help young girls look beyond circumstances and expect God’s protection and provision over their lives. I look to help young women identify their dreams and aspirations while providing guidance through the process of applying to college or that first job and having fun doing it.


Throughout my career I have seen the path that women must travel and will offer insight for women looking to advance their career, start their own business and be a "girl boss". 


Throughout my journey I have also developed a strong love for food, both eating and preparing alike, and I want to share this gem with women. It has been an excellent way to find balance with work and family and it has roots flowing from being in the kitchen at a young age with my Mom and Grandmom. Teaching healthy living, sharing recipes as simple as spaghetti or my famous mac and cheese, I want to share my love for food and cooking and help young women enjoy the magic that can be made in the kitchen.  


I aim to be transparent with “my story” and real-life situations that every young woman is challenged with at some point of her life and coach them on how to overcome, have FUN and dive into God’s purpose.

ShaRon Chantae

ShaRon Chantae is a 31-year-old woman with a passion for helping young girls and women find their own walk in life.  As a divorced woman, breaking through glass ceilings in her Corporate Career, while also exploring her passions: fashion, travel, and faith, ShaRon has much to offer the everyday girl/woman. She will mentor young girls on how to carry themselves as young women of integrity, with morals and class in a world where anything goes. Having "girl talk" with the young women about all things girls love most, ShaRon intends to grab their attention but keeping the focus on bettering themselves in every aspect. Realizing that this generation and the generations to come sometimes see the world with not such a "clear-eyed view" we want to challenge girls to “change the game!”

Shari Chania

Shari will focus her attention on enlightening young women to be a part of a greater awakening. As an NHS and NHS of Arts member along with an active sports player and dancer Shari would like to share the experience of balancing the teen life and enjoying each moment. She has a strong passion for leading and speaking up for those who are not comfortable or do not have the platform.  It is extremely important for Shari to share her teenage journey and build positive relationships to aid her fellow girl to be powerful.


​​Tel: 302-562-0304


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